10am | Vanessa Sardi MS, CHE, CHC CEO | Certified Health Coach Nutriception® LLC

Vanessa is a cardiovascular physiologist and Certified Health and Nutrition Coach specializing in diabetes, autoimmune disease and chronic kidney disease. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Physiology and a Master’s degree in Cardiopulmonary Physiology. She is certified in Plant Based Nutrition by the prestigious eCornell and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and is a Certified Health Educator by the reputable Wellness Forum. 
Vanessa spent the first five years of her career as the Chief Cardiovascular Physiologist and Program Director for a busy Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation center. Then she got involved in the pharmaceutical industry. Vanessa was ranked the number two Sales Executive in the United States for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. She spent nine years in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in cardiology, urology, endocrinology, OBGYN, and internal medicine. After that, she spent three years as a genomic sales specialist for a diagnostic company specializing in cardiovascular genomics/gene expression. Vanessa decided to leave Corporate America to start her own company, Nutriception®, which would allow her to go back to doing what she loves most, working with people to help them truly lead healthier, more vibrant lives through lifestyle modification. At Nutriception, their motto is Farm over Pharma.

Former professional basketball players and Elite trainer. Working with the likes of MLB, NFL, Semi pro football teams, European soccer players, and many more. Owned multiple gyms, and decided to originally get into fitness with the goal of inspiring, and motivating. 

He has served as a member on Exercise Science & Technology Boards. Additionally, serving as the fitness liaison to the Fort Myers PD SWAT Team, police fitness instrcturs courses, and local youth athletics. After a near death scare with multiple bloodclots and pulmonary embolism I was inspired to grow my knowledge in plant based wellness, and have since transformed my vision to help educate and inspire on the possibilities of living both PLANT BASED & STRONG.

Marcus now runs a podcast and website “The Vegan Transition”. Where his mission is sharing his learning that saved his life, and dispelling the stima that you cant life plant, and live your strongest, healthier life. https://www.thevegantransition.com/


11:30 Andrew Nguyen, PhD | Anonymous For The Voiceless Gainesville

Andrew earned his Ph.D. in 2017 at the University of Vermont in biology and has been a practicing scientist for over 10 years. During the course of his training, he has disseminated scientific knowledge to both technical and general audiences across the country. Andrew aims to leverage this extensive experience and training into advocacy and activism for animals. To carry out this mission, he co-organizes street activism for Anonymous for the Voiceless in the Gainesville area, as well as educates others into becoming an effective voice for animals.

Carly Bergman and Brenden Fitzgerald are two young entrepreneurs on a mission to help people decrease their carbon footprint through sustainable living. The Duo has expertise in zero-waste living, permaculture, plant-based eating, and plantbased business. Living an eco-conscious life will not only save the planet but preserve people’s health!


1pm Dr. Ronald Knaus | "Vegan Doc" | Age 81

Dr. Ronald Knaus is a psychiatrist in Saint Petersburg, Florida. He received his medical degree from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

Keynote speaker Eric O’Grey was 340 pounds, depressed, and sick. After a lifetime of failed diet attempts, and the onset of type-2 diabetes, Eric went to a new doctor, who surprisingly prescribed a shelter dog. And that’s when Eric met Peety: an overweight, middle-aged, surrendered dog who, like Eric, had seen better days. The two adopted each other and began an incredible journey together, forming a bond of brotherhood and unconditional love that forever changed their lives. During the next year, just by going on walks, playing together, and eating plant-based food, Eric lost 150 pounds, and Peety lost 25. As a result, Eric reversed his diabetes, got off all medication, and became happy and healthy for the first time in his life, eventually reconnecting with and marrying his high school sweetheart. Do you dream of becoming the awesome person you’ve always wanted to be while also making this world a better place for people and animals? In his presentation, Eric will share his story and discuss how helping animals helps people, and how to make small changes today that will optimize weight, health, happiness, purpose and meaning in your life tomorrow.


3pm | Katherine Frappolli | Karmic Kat Healing + Orlando Animal Activists

Katherine has been vegan for over 4 years and decided to embark on this ethical lifestyle for the animals! She is an animal activist that has started multiple activism groups and merges her passion for animals and public speaking skills to enlighten others about vegan living. Katherine owns her own business, Karmic Kat Healing, where she uses Reiki energy to heal people and pets. She also runs a funny vegan meme page to help fellow vegans laugh! Katherine went to school for television and film, and she uses her filming and editing skills to make videos that promote veganism and conscious living. Katherine is truly dedicated to the cause and says veganism changed her life!

Introducing our fantastic MCs...

Imari Spigner & Royce Ashcroft

Imari Spigner & Royce Ashcroft are known as Central Florida’s Vegan Power Couple! Imari is a professional runway model, actress and emcee who has been vegan since April 2017. Royce is a talk show host, stand-up comedian and emcee who has been vegan since January 2016. The two have combined their talents to create Noor XVII, the vegan entertainment network. Noor XVII is famous for hosting extravagant and unique events that spread awareness and shine a light on the vegan lifestyle. The organization was the first to host The International Vegan Fashion Show which showcased 60+ vegan models from all over the world, over 200+ vegan fashion designs, all vegan make-up and was located at a vegan-owned venue at the largest independent studio in Central Florida, KDS One Studios. Imari and Royce donate a portion of their proceeds from all vegan events to different vegan nonprofits to help others that have aligned missions. The couple looks forward to seeing the vegan movement grow and they are excited to be playing their role in the world.


VeganEvan is a passionate and talented young animal advocate committed to creating a healthy, compassionate, and regenerative world. He is President & Spokesperson for Animal Hero Kids and also a spokesperson for the Solutionary Species movement. VeganEvan has spoken in front of large audiences at several major events throughout the country including the What the Health-Cowspiracy Conference, Central Florida Earth Day, the Animal Liberation Conference, Tampa Bay VegFest, the National Animal Rights Conference, Asheville Vegan Fest, VegFest Oahu, and many more!! He has been awarded the Russell Simmons Creative Animal Hero Kids Award, and in 2016, he earned PETA’s Cutest Vegan Kid award. More recently he was awarded the Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion from the Supreme Master Ching Hai Association. VeganEvan is a voice for the animals everywhere he goes! He enjoys leafleting, protesting, doing marches, Open Rescue, disruptions, and making videos and rap songs! Evan also participates in Anonymous for the Voiceless Cubes of Truth and Vigils with the Save Movement wherever he travels. Most of all, he loves visiting all of his rescued friends at the sanctuaries where they are happy, safe and free from harm. 

Mike Young

Mike Young is the Founder of our SWFL Veg Fest, aPlantBasedDiet.org 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, TriangleGrapeVine.org, FloridaGrapeVine.org, and Director of Pod Operations at PlantPure. He’s the type of person that’s continually in search of improvement and doing the best he can do with everything. Mike has always been a forward thinker, and this has propelled him into leading a whole foods plant based lifestyle. He believes there’s nothing more important to do today than spread the good news of this lifestyle since everyone and everything benefits! Mike can be found perpetually on social media.

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