Since the beginning, we’ve taken steps to make the SWFL Veg Fest as eco-friendly as possible, and each year we try to learn and improve. This year, we’ve enlisted the help of the Sustainable Duo to help us guide our vendors and our fest toward a more zero-waste footprint.

Sustainable Duo

Carly Bergman and Brenden Fitzgerald are two eco-entrepreneurs on a mission to help people decrease their carbon footprint through sustainable living. The Duo has expertise in zero-waste/minimal living, permaculture, plant-based living, and plant-based business. Living an eco-conscious life will not only save the planet but preserve people’s health and wallet! The Duo has gathered a global following by providing the public with the education and tools necessary to live sustainably. Audiences love the Duo’s approach to environmental activism. Brenden & Carly choose to lead by example and educate their audience in a nonconfrontational way. Their ‘Let’s Get Zero-Wasted’ talk provides a humorous approach on sustainability and how fun low-waste and minimal living can be. You can find out more on their website and Instagram.